Greens Campaign to clean up Whau Local Board

This year, for the first time, the Green Party is running three outstanding candidates for the Whau Local Board: Jessica Rose, Lawrence Watt, and Jessamine Fraser. Ms Fraser is also standing for a seat on the Auckland Council, representing the Whau Ward.

Green Party candidates for the Whau Local Board are fronting the urgent need for climate action in our area. The Whau River provides a strong and beautiful heart to the Whau Ward, but rising sea levels put the surrounding areas at risk. It is critical that we ensure the area is climate ready and do our part to reduce the effects of climate change for everyone.


Greens Launch Campaign to clean up Whau Local Board

“Facing climate change will take all of us at our creative and collective best.” says Jessamine Fraser “Together we can make a cleaner, fairer place for all of us.”

Recently settled into her self-built eco-home in the heart of Avondale, and currently elected to Albert-Eden Local Board, Jessica Rose looks forward to bringing her experience in good governance to her immediate neighbourhoods in the Whau. A sustainability professional, Ms Rose works on long term strategic solutions to ensure resilient community outcomes fit for everyone.

Lawrence Watt is a TV researcher, writer and historian, and worked at the Beehive as press secretary for Mike Moore during his time as Prime Minister. Mr Watt grew up locally and is keenly interested preserving the heritage of the Whau, while building great community facilities for the future.

With strong local roots through Avondale College and her architecture practice, Jessamine Fraser’s values integrate the natural, economic and social wellbeing of the Whau area. As the Whau area, and wider Auckland, intensifies and changes, Ms Fraser brings her professional expertise in housing and sustainable design to local government to help ensure that our future city is affordable, liveable and green.

Our candidates’ policies are underpinned by the harbour to harbour connectivity of the water, the people, and the land. They understand that climate action requires many different approaches. For example, waste and pollution ending up in our waterways and harbours, must be stopped, as does the number of trees being felled in the Whau Ward.

Changing how we get around is a big part of responding to climate change, and the Green Candidates will advocate for better bus and rail links across the Whau area, as well as continuing and expanding improvements to the cycling networks. Improvements to footpaths for walking, especially to schools, shops, and community hubs; is key to creating an accessible, sustainable future.

The Green Whau team will support public art and local collectives to continue bringing life and energy to the Whau area. The Green Party opposes asset sales, and the candidates will work to maintain and improve amenities in public spaces and local parks; and to increase the planting of native trees.

A vote for the Whau Green Team means a vote for our diverse community, from our youngest to oldest, to be safe and fun for all.

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