Jessamine Fraser for Auckland Council, and Whau Local Board

Kia ora I’m Jessamine Fraser standing for Auckland Council, and Whau Local Board

I’m an architect, environmentalist, and social housing advocate.  I believe that all things are connected: From harbour to harbour, the Whau catchment area is both water and people: A thriving community and a thriving ecosystem both depend on the care and kaitiaki we have for each other, the land, and the water. 

I have my own architecture practice, based on Rosebank Road.  Since attending Avondale College in the 90s, my life continues to intersect over the Whau area, and I’m committed to working with the local community to build a thriving and resilient future for the Whau.

My skills as an architect include project management, brief establishment, and most critically: working with diverse groups and interests to create complete outcomes which satisfy the needs of all parties.  Democracy is more than voting once every three years, and I will work to facilitate community engagement in decision making.

Housing is a critical issue for the Whau, and for Auckland as a whole.  Council should be actively engaged in ensuring that there is adequate provision of quality, affordable, homes for everyone in our communities.  More housing near to where we work, go to school, and where our communities are, is critical, and part of that is retaining and creating accessible public spaces and protecting our unique environment, and supporting local arts and community organisations.

All this building and all these people, mean waste management will become even more important - and that starts at the source.  

Environmental regeneration and climate change resilience go hand in hand.  Protecting our waterways, trees, and birds is an important part of being climate change ready.

We’re all in this together, so let’s build a strong, sustainable future for our community, together.  

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