From harbour to harbour, the Whau ward deserves strong communities, healthy environments and fresh new local leadership.

Our Mahi

We recognise some of the excellent past initiatives in our region, but there are areas of neglect.  We acknowledge the people of Whau who have kept their hands on the tiller, and we’re invested in building on this success.  

Harbour to Harbour, Green Party for Whau means:

  • A clean and enriched environment, climate protected for future generations
  • Placing people of all cultures and ages in the centre of local decision making 
  • Investment in strong, vibrant town centers, and businesses that thrive
  • Improved access to low-carbon, safe, and affordable transport options 
  • Protecting our assets: arts, sport, heritage, and play for people of all abilities

A vote for the Whau Green Team is a vote for inclusive local leadership for our diverse community, from our youngest to oldest, to be safe and fun for all.